Twin Cities Apprehension Team Relies on Social Media, YouTube Videos For Exposure

The Twin Cities Apprehension Team has been growing rapidly in the social media world, specifically on their YouTube Channel, where subscribers have been growing rapidly. This may be part of a growing demand for transparency in law enforcement nationwide, according to Stew Peters, the agency’s lead investigator. “We are not in the public sector, however the job is very similar, and I think with the lack of footage available to the public, this kind of content interests most folks”, said Peters.

As part of the approach to apprehensions, TCAT oftentimes posts wanted fugitives on their Facebook page, or even on their Twitter account @TcatMN.

The busy Minneapolis-based apprehension team has recently put a trailer video on their YouTube page, which can be seen HERE.

“We hope more and more will subscribe to our various outlets”, said Peters while continuing, “the larger the audience we have in the social media world, the less likely it is that someone will be able to hide…”.


2 thoughts on “Twin Cities Apprehension Team Relies on Social Media, YouTube Videos For Exposure”

  1. Sara A Harrington

    I am all for what you do for the community !! I am one of the admins on the Saint Paul Police and Fire Scanner Followers page, and we are all about getting the word out on crime, fire and medic related news in Saint Paul helping the police and sometimes the media as much as we can. I will keep my eyes out for your group too

  2. Yeah I just discovered this page on my own. As somebody who is intrested in the happenings around me I find this page to be very informative and think it’s a great tool for citizens to use. unfortunately I have been using the Internet for quite a long time lol and this is the 1st time I’m coming across this website. It was so captivating to me I’ve already clicked every single link that you have so no more pages for me to look at I wish there was more lol. Not sure how long this has been around but if this website has been around for many years I would just suggest somehow getting the word out there may be just A quick tip at the end of a newscast maybe billboard light rail But I do think This is a great tool for citizens to be able to access i think its great what you guys are doing here I love the videos and wish there were more for me to watch especially all the interesting felons and non felons we have in Minnesota lol ( I Include myself (former)) I don’t know are you supposed to put parentheses inside parentheses I digress lol….. I did like the one with the girl who had the warrant for the dwi $12000 bail and her boyfriend basically let the cops sit outside in the apartment for an hour which the cops were doing them a favor and when she finally came out she acted like she had no idea what was going on oh and she was a bitch. Put your own dam chapstick on when you let the cops sit outside of your apartment for an hour and a 1/2 when they Could have just forced their way in there with your kids home and everything then being arrested in front of them you selfish son of a bitch go to court …..God people are stupid but that’s why I love this website get the word out there boys and girls and this will be great tool for all of us

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