Minneapolis, MN – Fugitive couple from Duluth, MN arrested near Dinkytown following foot pursuit

Minneapolis, MN – Celina Marie Alvarez was a wanted felony fugitive from justice from the Duluth, MN area until the Twin Cities Apprehension Team located the female on the 1000 block of 16th Ave SE on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at approximately 11 PM. <br><br>

Alvarez was taken into custody without incident, but her fugitive boyfriend wasn’t nearly as compliant. Justin Charles Dowell fled the scene on foot and was able to elude Minneapolis PD and Twin Cities Apprehension Team agents for about an hour, until TCAT agent Stew Peters located the male at an area gas station. <br><br>

Alvarez was booked into the Hennepin County jail on her warrant(s), and is being held for St Louis County. Dowell was arrested for new felony drug crimes, and was also booked into jail on his outstanding felony warrants.

Twin Cities Apprehension Team Relies on Social Media, YouTube Videos For Exposure

The Twin Cities Apprehension Team has been growing rapidly in the social media world, specifically on their YouTube Channel, where subscribers have been growing rapidly. This may be part of a growing demand for transparency in law enforcement nationwide, according to Stew Peters, the agency’s lead investigator. “We are not in the public sector, however the job is very similar, and I think with the lack of footage available to the public, this kind of content interests most folks”, said Peters.

As part of the approach to apprehensions, TCAT oftentimes posts wanted fugitives on their Facebook page, or even on their Twitter account @TcatMN.

The busy Minneapolis-based apprehension team has recently put a trailer video on their YouTube page, which can be seen HERE.

“We hope more and more will subscribe to our various outlets”, said Peters while continuing, “the larger the audience we have in the social media world, the less likely it is that someone will be able to hide…”.


Wanted Predatory Sex Offender Believed To Be In St Paul, MN area

Win $1,000 For Following TCAT on Twitter

TCAT is offering a $1,000 prize to a random  follower that follows the agency’s Twitter account. The winner will be selected 12/31/2019.


TCAT Lead Investigator Featured – Star Tribune (Rachel Hutton)

See article in the Star Tribune http://m.startribune.com/minnesota-s-best-known-bounty-hunter-captures-state-s-most-wanted/505157722/

Wanted for choking a female victim in Colorado, Xzavier Demond Hampton was captured after fleeing the state.

Bloomington, MN – July 23, 2020

Xzavier Demond Hampton fled the state of Colorado after being convicted of a violent felony assault where he admitted to choking a vulnerable young female victim.

Rather than appearing for sentencing, Hampton ran to the state of Ohio and then to Minnesota, where bail agents tracked him to a Bloomington apartment complex near the 9100 block of Old Cedar Avenue South.

Agents from the Twin Cities Apprehension Team acted on a tip from an anonymous Colorado source, and after several hours of surveillance they spotted Hampton on the fourth floor balcony smoking a marijuana blunt.

TCAT agents initiated contact at the apartment door, where Hampton initially refused to comply with direction to open the door. Agents acted swiftly and gained access to the apartment unit, where Hampton was quickly taken into custody without further incident.

Hampton told agents, during transport, that he’s seriously considered rushing them in an effort to force them to shoot and kill him.

Hampton was transported to the downtown jail facility, where he was booked on the Colorado nationwide extradition warrant, and is being held pending transport back to Arapahoe County, where he faces an 8 year prison sentence.
First Name:   Xzavier
Middle Name:   Demond
Last Name:   Hampton

Wanted For (Crimes):

Xzavier Demond Hampton had a nationwide warrant for a violent felony 2nd degree assault.

Last Known Location:

Bloomington, MN
Height:   5.09
Weight:   160
Hair Color:   Blk
Eye Color:   Brwn

Distinguishing Scars, Marks or Tattoos:

Various arm tattoos

Additional Information:

This defendant has been convicted of second-degree assault, and fled the state of Colorado prior to sentencing. Hampton is not afforded the presumption of innocence.
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