Delroy Lou Towle was taken into custody on the 800 block of Civic Heights Drive on January 8, 2019

Delroy Lou Towle has a body only felony warrant for controlled substance crimes, and was taken into custody without incident at his residence by the Twon Cities Apprehension Team.

Towle has an extensive criminal history including crimes against persons involving assault, stolen property and controlled substance crimes.
First Name:   Delroy
Middle Name:   Lou
Last Name:   Towle

Wanted For (Crimes):

Delroy Lou Towle was a wanted felony fugitive from justice.

Last Known Location:

Circle Pines, MN
Height:   5.10
Weight:   300
Hair Color:   Blonde
Eye Color:   Blue

Distinguishing Scars, Marks or Tattoos:

Additional Information:

All defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in court.
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