Marshali Carlvin is in custody following a 2 day investigation, disrupts felony fugitive’s plan to flee the state of Minnesota

Brooklyn Park, MN – Marshali Carlvin was located by agents with the Twin Cities Apprehension Team and taken into custody on the 3200 block of 74th Circle North in Brooklyn Park on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at approximately 11 AM.

Carlvin, who had felony warrant(s) in Washington County, and additional warrant(s) in Ramsey County, had plans to flee the state of Minnesota and head to Iowa, according to social media posts on her Facebook page. Those plans were disrupted when TCAT agents surprised the wanted female as she was arriving at a friend’s home to pack her bags.

Carlvin’s warrant was handed off to the bail investigators at TCAT on Monday morning after she had failed to appear before District Court back in February of this year. Carlvin was wanted for felony aid/abet theft in Washington County, and had multiple other theft related warrant(s) in Washington and Ramsey Counties.

Stew Peters, director of investigations at TCAT, said that Carlvin was taken into custody without incident and transported directly to the Washington County jail, where she remains in custody pending a bail hearing. “Carlvin has demonstrated that she is an increased risk of flight”, said Peters.
First Name:   Marshali
Last Name:   Carlvin

Wanted For (Crimes):

Marshali Carlvin was wanted for felony aid/abet in Washington County, among other outstanding warrant(s) in Washington and Ramsey Counties.

Last Known Location:

3200 block of 74th Circle N, Brooklyn Park, MN
Height:   5’4”
Weight:   135 lbs
Hair Color:   Black (dyed red)
Eye Color:   Brown

Distinguishing Scars, Marks or Tattoos:

Additional Information:

All defendants are presumed innocent, until proven guilty in a Court of Law.
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